Aug 16

How to Square Circles at the Beach! 

Method 1



The circle was squared on the Greek island of Paros, by a team from 7 different countries. I want this event to promote hope and peace! The geometry is perfect – no numbers needed. And it’s super simple, yet people missed the solution! Squaring the circle is a metaphor for the impossible. So is the idea of world peace. Yet if the circle can be squared, so too might peace become real! My goal is to have children squaring the circle on 100 beaches around the world. Maybe then, people in power will realise, it's only THEM that pursue war. Can I send that message? I don't know... Yet together we just might!

The Six-Step instructions for Method 1 (with proof) can be downloaded from INSTRUCTIONS PDF

The Circle is squared in Greece


Bea at the beach! (On the Greek island of Paros.)





Method 2 appears below. (Click to enlarge.)


An alternative approach. (with proof) for squaring the circle with rope


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