Jan 20

India's Maths for Indian Children!

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  1. Ashish Ranjan says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    As an Indian , I share your concerns. In order to get Indian Government, you need no less than a mass movement. Please do not lose patience and let us as individual contributors know how best we can help.

    Again kudos to your single handed efforts.

  2. Vanitha M K says:

    Thanks for the mission

  3. Amar says:

    I watched you on sangam talks channel!!!
    Would love to read and spread your research and suggestions. Many thanks!


    Hi Jonathan,

    I came accross your details n mission about Indian Mathematicians just now.
    Will go through the available literature n videos in comind days.
    I am retired Associate Professor in undergraduate college affiliated to Mumbai University,India.

    I feel strongly to quote the name of Dr.S.S.Shrikhande,former HOD,Maths deptt.Mumbai Univ.,a legend combinatorial,who disproved Euler's conjecture,long ago in USA n has recently expired at 102.I was selected by team of 6 HOD,in 1971,n was awardee of National Scholarship UGC,for my M.Sc.1971-73.
    I have 37 yrs' teaching maths,stat,at undergraduate level.I try to update myself in several ways to make maths know to all in all fields.
    I wish your mission a great success n wish you a long healthy life to work in maths.Thank you.

    Sanjay B.Kulkarni,

  5. Abhinash Goutam says:

    Thank you sir for understanding the importance of Indian mathematics . I'm vary intrested in mathematics.

    One again thank you sir .

  6. Raunak Kumar says:

    Hii Jonathan,
    I appreciate your efforts to INDIAN I hope INDIAN Government understand this And i want to help you.
    Please Tell How Can I Help You!

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