May 21

Petition to Teach Superior Zero-Based Maths @ 8000 Signatures

Arithmetic is via Ancient Greek maths missing ZERO. So, ideas like -3 < -1 and 0⁰ = 1 when 0¹ = 0 and – × – = + are RULES not REASON

PodometicTM is via Brahmagupta's Sūtras for Negative, Zero, Positive, Laws of Physics & TEACHING


Many fear maths. Why?

British Maths was built for 1, 2, 3... based on Ancient Greek philosophy and looking to the ground 300 BCE. It did not have Zero and Symmetry at its core.
India's Superior Maths was built for ...-3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3... based on science and looking to the stars 628 CE.

Brahmagupta defined zero as a number and wrote his simple laws of maths in the 7th century. Yet the definition of zero and laws of (+ – × ÷) on positive and negative numbers were not understood in the Arabic world!

Maths is confusing today because Europe got its knowledge of India's maths via the Arabic world. So please sign this petition to request schools teach INDIA'S BETTER MATHS available to everyone in India FREE at www.podometic.in

Thank you for signing now

Jonathan J. Crabtree
Podometic Math Education Founder

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  1. Mahesh kale says:

    Sir i am student in high school now and I am struggling with western maths..... I have watched all your videos and they have truly opened my eyes to the beauty of maths... ARE THERE ANY SUCH WAYS BY WHICH WE CAN LEARN TOPICS LIKE CALCULUS ALGEBRA AND GEOMETRY... THE SAME WAY YOU ARE DOING FOR ARITHMETIC

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