Aug 18

How to Rebuild Maths from Zero (Free Seminar)

Melbourne: 22nd September 2018
Mathematical Myth-Busting and How to Rebuild Maths from Zero.
If half the maths explanations your primary school teacher gave you were wrong, the 'trick' would be knowing which half.

This FREE, informative and entertaining slide-show presentation by the mathematics researcher and historian Jonathan Crabtree, busts many myths that make much of maths hard to understand.

After decades of research, Jonathan reveals the names of the men who mangled maths along with when why and how western mathematics education came to be filled with mis-truths, contradictions and inconsistencies.

So, regardless of whether you struggled with maths, are a parent, or a teacher, or even a maths education professor, you will walk away with new and simple explanations of mathematics that will empower you (and children you know) as never before.

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