Sep 18

Mathematics Education for the Future

The Mathematics Education for the Future Project was founded in 1986 to develop innovation in mathematics, statistics, science & computer education. Since 1999 there have been 14 conferences throughout the world. The last was in Hungary in 2017, attended by 125 people from 22 countries. The conferences are renowned for their friendly and productive atmosphere. It attracts many of the movers and shakers in education worldwide. 

Presenters also have the opportunity to submit a paper for peer review. The proceedings of the conference will be printed, which is a nice touch in our digital world. I attended the 2017 conference in Hungary and can vouch for its interesting array of presenters from around the world. Yes, I gave a presentation had a paper published and learned a lot, yet the more impactful benefit for me was making new friends. In fact, if I hadn't attended this conference, I would not be travelling to India later this year to explain how elementary maths can be better explained by starting with a few lines of Sanskrit 'code'.

So, if you want to spread your wings a little, I can't think of any better way than attending this conference.

15th International Conference of The Mathematics Education for the Future Project
Theory and Practice: An Interface or A Great Divide?
Location:        Maynooth University, Kildare, Ireland
Date:               4-9 August 2019
Website:         www.directorymathsed.net/public/Ireland/page/