Dec 16

Reactions to my Mathematics Lessons, A-Z

Real comments from real people about my ideas on mathematics.
Just one comment per country to save space! (All testimonials on file.) 

"It was great! really. Totaly diffrent " -Name not shown on request, 21 AFGHANISTAN
"It was very fun. I love this math" -Lisi, 15 AMERICAN SAMOA
"I didn't know maths can be that easy." -Johan, 27 ANDORRA
" I hadn't really believed it could be that easy! -Christine, 52 AUSTRALIA
"This is truly a great way to learn math." -Cordero, 19 BAHAMAS
"Very Impressive & Thanks."-Murad, 30 BANGLADESH
"There is no comparison. It is totally different concept of learning...“ - Neil, 35 BARBADOS
"its very interesting and very simple." -Name not shown on request, 31 BHUTAN
"Just amazed me, it's wonderful. It has never been this simple " -Natasha, 17 BOTSWANA
"New ways, new methodology, attractive methods for children.." -Ali, 39 CAIRO
"It is very good. Much easier than other lessons. It is very useful for teacher." -Cho, 37 CAMBODIA
"I thought this lesson is very valuable gift to me." -Rajika 13, CANADA
" I never image arithmetic can be taught like this. I love your way of calculation." -Xiyang, 30 CHINA
"Reaaly interesting and useful." -Name not shown on request, 12 COSTA RICA
"This certainly makes maths much easier and FUN!" -Name not shown on request, 10 DOMINICA
"This is completely different and easier." -Gift, 10 EGYPT
"I love it!" -Asmamaw, 8 ETHIOPIA
"I felt shocked how simple you made maths." -Joesy, 35 FIJI
"Pretty amazing. I'm looking forward for the next lessons" -Sonja, 44 GERMANY
"I really like these lessons. i know i will do better in my maths now" -Florence, 10 GHANA
"This is just fun and imagination. I loved it." -Maria, 26 GREECE
"I think it's fatastic. the lesson made maths look so easy." -Name not shown on request, 30 HONG KONG
"Before we fear maths now we are fearless." -Sunny, 16 INDIA
"It's very easy and Im really having fun doing it! Thanks" -Rena, 8 INDONESIA
"Thank god i found such a great method." -Hamed, 22 IRAN
"I can teach my kids without hesitation to figure out the result. Uncomparable." -Kawakib, 33 IRAQ
"It is a wonderful new way to learn maths." -Jay, 40 IRELAND
"I love it, I have always loved math but this take the cake." -Rookamah, 34 ISRAEL
"I think your formula is the simpliest way to do math" -Kerry, 23 JAMAICA
"This way is faster, and kinda fun. Thanks for these lessons."-Yousif, 17 KUWAIT
"Good teaching. Just simple." -Name not shown on request, 48 KENYA
"I felt as i do calculation for the first time." -Ramia, 35 LEBANON
"I was suprised on how to treat large numbers in an easy & short way." -Opshyri, 20 LESOTHO
"Your workings are much more faster.... They are really cool, i love them." -Reginald, 19 MALAYSIA
"Its very easy to learn." -Raix, 18 MALDIVES
" Much more easy! Thanks for being so simple in explaining the lesson." -Natalie, 38 MALTA
"Fantastic, awesome, never heard of these simple yet very powerful maths techniques. Truly fantastic." -Ian, 32 MAURITIUS
"It's awesome!" -Shuva, 21 NEPAL
"Felt good about myself after learning this new maths. No comparison." -Rex, 53 NEW ZEALAND
"I feel very cool after the first lesson. Everything is vividly explained and easy to understand." -Ojez, 20 NIGERIA
"This is super! Very exciting." -Name not shown on request, 15 OMAN
"Awesome! sir, its really great, thanks a lot. this is the way of learning and even teaching. GOD bless YOU!" - Monifa, 15 PAKISTAN
"It's a lot easier. I really enjoyed it." -Lyn, 40 PHILIPPINES
"It is very good. Much easier than other lessons." -Cho, 37 PHNOM PENH
"I am vary surprise... It no way compare to i learny math before. -Kurcius, 62 POLAND
"I am a teacher and i didn't no these methods of learning or teaching math." -Paula, 45 PORTUGAL
"It is unbelevable." -Name not shown on request, 41 QATAR
"I feel very excited about this first lesson... the best thing was I have found out new ways of calculations." -Eugide, 20 REPUBLIC OF CONGO
"I've learned magical things with numbers." -Michael, 32 ROMANIA
"The best thing was to check my mental ability working with numbers." -Hessa, 40 SAUDI ARABIA
"Open Eyed! Calculus with time fabulous." -Name not shown on request, 47 SERBIA
"This is the greatest maths I've learned in my life!!  I never expected this before!" -Andrew, 20 SINGAPORE
"Great stuff made me feel much younger. The simplicity is amazing." -Guru, 54 SOUTH AFRICA
"It's very good & important" -Name not shown on request, 37 SRI LANKA
"Great! a simple and practical method of studying maths." -Name not shown on request, 40 TANZANIA
"it was really cool you are very smart and i want to be just like you." -Name not shown on request, 14 TUNISIA
"It's exciting and amazing." -Mang, 39 THAILAND
"Absolutely fantastic!!! A must use for every teacher and student!!!" -Genevieve, 43 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
"It's great. Much more easier and helpful."-Nok, 37 THAILAND
"I now wonder what else can I do! Fascinating!"-Yugorotti, 17 TURKEY
"I like it." -Ivan, 60 UKRAINE
"It is amazing. This is cool and fantastic." -Corazon, 46 USA
" In our school, they never tried to make maths that interesting.But the way u all teach is COOL! -Khadeeja, 11 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
"Oh MY GOD! You make Maths so easy, compared to school, this maths stuff is Fun!" -Andy, 36 UNITED KINGDOM
"Very happy. The best thing was How to read numbers to check answers." -Amil, 40 VENEZUELA
"The way to learn Maths as very fast as can." -Name not shown on request, 18 VIETNAM
"i really feel like a genious. This math it is completely uncomparable" -Ben, 17 ZAMBIA