Dec 17

Success Secrets for Teachers via China & India

Success Secrets for Mathematics Teachers via Ancient China & India
Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) Annual Conference 2017 La Trobe University Melbourne Campus, Australia 7th December 2017.

Sep 17

Fixing Flaws in Elementary Mathematics Teaching

Challenges in Mathematics Education for the Next Decade
14th International Conference of the Mathematics Education for the Future Project. Balatonfüred, Hungary, 11 September 2017

Scroll down for the conference paper beneath the slideshow.

Apr 18

Answer this. If 1⁰ = 1 and 1¹ = 1 does 0 = 1?

It seems mathematicians and math teachers struggle to explain how and why 1⁰ = 1 and 1¹ = 1, which might imply 0 = 1.

The reason is truly strange. Whilst 0 and 1 empower computers, (which run on strings of zeros and ones), zero and one have been missing from explanations of multiplication and exponentiation since the 16th Century!

Math teachers appear to be teaching the 'index laws' with no common sense foundations.

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